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Fix it in Post

Fixing white balance, relighting, flickering, cosmetic skin issues, color matching, common audio problems and more.

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Improve Your Online Videos

10 quick, easy-to-apply tips that can help you dramatically enhance online video using After Effects.

AI Tools for After Effects

Explore the ways AI and machine learning are transforming motion graphics for the better using After Effects

Advanced Motion Graphics

Learn how to design and animate a short interlude from scratch and structure animations in real time

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2D/3D Motion Design

Discover ways to combine 2D and 3D elements in your video – Recording of MAX 2022 session

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Create a 3D reflection for watery surfaces using only built in effects.

Helium for After Effects

Creating a promo with Helium for After Effects

Draft 3D

Make After Effects work in real time using the Draft 3D mode

Create Smoke From VDB Files

Create stunning 3D Smoke effects from VDB files in After Effects