Hello there! I’m Eran Stern, your friendly neighbourhood Motion Design Educator, who’s been in a committed relationship with After Effects since 1994. We’re still going strong, but I’m playing hard to get—I’m not ready for that big commitment. After all, there are so many other apps out there waiting to be swiped right!
For over 25 years, I’ve navigated the motion design world with the grace of a cat on a skateboard, and recently, I’ve teamed up with AI. If you can’t outsmart them, join ’em!


Teaching has been my jam since 1996. I was honoured to teach next generation creatives in two leading design universities and I continuously sprinkled the internet with my online training magic. In a move that’s fashionably late (but worth the wait), I launched a YouTube channel in 2023, dishing out design wisdom and After Effects know-how. My venture goes by SternFX, cleverly named for its dual meaning, though it turns out that was a solo laugh track moment.


With a heart that beats for films, tunes, and all things motion design, I’m here to spread the love and knowledge. Alongside, I aim to sneak in lessons that stick, wrapped in entertainment.
Catch up with me on my socials for a dose of creativity and a sprinkle of fun. And if you’re itching to chat about training projects or reminisce about 12″ vinyl records from the ’80s, hit me. Let’s make something amazing together.
STERNFX LIMITEDCompany number: 12223927 — 923 Finchley Road, London, NW11 7PE, UK